Honey Pine Buoy Lamp




Honey Pine Maine made buoy lamp with Laura natural shade. The lamp is 21 to 23 inches in height including shade. Made in Maine authentic buoy lamps. Our buoys are made from tree length round northern white cedar. In other words it is just slightly smaller than the diameter of the tree from which it is cut.

The fact that the buoy is made from round tree stock means that each piece contains the center of the tree or the heart wood as opposed to products that are made from larger trees where the heartwood and checking process are eliminated by cutting. Once the heartwood has completely dried and the checking process stops, no further cracking occurs. However, each piece of buoy wood is left with at least one or more visual harmless cracks.

Item#400: Honey pine with green stripe. same price, same description
Item#402: Navy with grey stripe. same price, same description
Item#403: Red with black stripe. same price, same description
Item#404: Honey pine with blue stripe. same price, same description

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